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Wedding rings ... how to orient yourself




Wedding rings ... how to orient yourself

"Word to the expert", listening to his opinions, advice and reflections, today we meet Davide Maule, professional goldsmith

The columns of fashionchannel.ch: "WEDDING RINGS AND JEWELS" the column that investigates, advises and creates ideas with the advice of Davide Maule, expert goldsmith


Among the many preparations that the organization of a wedding involves, the choice of wedding rings certainly represents one of the most important moments for future spouses as wedding rings remain the only truly precious and symbolic object that will accompany them for life after the fateful day of yes.

There are many wedding rings on the market, from the classic and linear ones to the more particular and design ones but finding the perfect wedding rings is not always easy because they must reflect the personality and character of both spouses and not always the tastes between man and woman are the same.

In recent years, more and more couples are choosing to make different wedding rings. It is a good rule that the model and color of the gold are the same but may differ in the width, thickness, gold finish or customization of the diamond so that everyone can find their perfect ring.

Surely the wedding rings handmade by a master goldsmith are an excellent solution. Only a craftsman knows how to interpret and implement the ideas, tastes and needs of his interlocutor, always creating something unique and special.

In Ticino stands out the Artist Davide Maule who, in addition to being known for his unique jewelery creations, has created over the years a collection of over one hundred different models of wedding rings, all customizable by the customer. Currently his atelier in Ascona has become a real point of reference in Ticino for future married couples from all over Switzerland.