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WEDDING RINGS, the most requested rings even in times of Covid

Wedding rings: The most requested rings even in times of Covid

One of the most important events in a couple's life is certainly represented by the wedding day. Among the many things to organize and purchase, wedding rings are certainly of fundamental importance

The columns of "WEDDING RINGS AND JEWELS" the column that investigates, advises and creates ideas with the advice of Davide Maule, expert goldsmith


How did the spouses reorganize themselves in times of pandemic? We ask Davide Maule , well-known craftsman and goldsmith artist , a reference point for future spouses thanks to its particular and exclusive collection of handcrafted wedding rings.

“During the first phase of the pandemic, couples who had already organized and planned the wedding in the spring found themselves displaced. Due to the lockdown they had to cancel the ceremony. The future spouses suddenly found themselves deciding whether to marry anyway as soon as it was possible again or to postpone everything to better times. It so happened that most of them, as soon as they were allowed, decided to get married anyway even if with some restrictions.

The summer was therefore characterized by a boom in weddings all organized in record time.

Specifically in my sector I can say that I have never had so many requests for faiths all together! The dates with the couples were really packed. I work with spouses from all over Switzerland and northern Italy. The wedding rings that I usually made during the year I had to create in a few months. It was a great challenge but my greatest satisfaction was that of being able to satisfy all those who turned to me to have the symbol of their bond realized that will accompany them throughout their lives.